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Glass oil bottle regression Market Analysis

release time:2016/3/25 9:06:03

In the past ten years time, cooking oil plastic bottle packaging market has gradually become the mainstream, indeed, plastic bottles cooking oil is also very suitable for use in the field of packaging. After all, cooking oil bottles on the market to 5L capacity of the mainstream, so that if the capacity of glass bottles to package, apparently too heavy, not convenient to carry around, but not shatterproof glass, prone to cracking and other issues.
However, the shift in the market quietly, edible oil began to force the high-end market, more and more oil companies began to enter the ranks of high-end cooking oil development. High-end packaging of edible oil began to become small-capacity 500ML and 1L packaging type, in addition, with the advent of household consumption-based family of three consumer groups. Edible oil bottle will increasingly return to the small volume packaging in the past. In recent years, the plastic packaging generally have resentment, therefore, increase demand for glass bottles of cooking oil becomes very well understood.
For glass manufacturers, this time to take advantage of new opportunities to market changes edible oil bottle, trying to get more opportunities.
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