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Beer bottle "Do not give away" Situation Analysis

release time:2016/3/25 9:05:35

A few years ago, many beer manufacturers also compete for resources and waste beer bottles painstaking. Beer bottle recycling was once trapped in a "adequate" situation, many waste recycling, beer bottles are recycled in the eyes of the "meat and potatoes." However, because the beer bottles have a mandatory age, national management of increasingly stringent, and in recent years more than life because of the use of beer bottles and the emergence 啤酒瓶爆炸 wounding continue to emerge, many beer manufacturers and for this broken the brain. Based on these practical problems. In recent years, many beer manufacturers began to no longer use the extended service beer bottle recycling, which makes a lot of discarded beer bottles, beer bottle recycling prices began to fall all the way. At present, except for some brands of beer bottles, beer bottles reduced to some of the "Do not give away" embarrassing situation.
 It should be said, the manufacturers take the initiative to abandon the use of extended service beer bottle, we should naturally support hands above their heads. Extended service beer bottle on the harm we have repeatedly been described. But manufacturers do not use extended service discarded beer bottles, puts them abandoned in the hands of consumers. Well, now that these issues who can address it? We believe that this is the relevant departments and enterprises need to solve together. Define the responsibilities and obligations, the introduction of measures.
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