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Bottle packaging to accelerate the pace of change update

release time:2016/3/25 9:05:04

Speaking of bottle packaging, it should be said in the past for a long period of time, its change is not large, it has been in a relatively fixed material appearance. However, with the accelerated pace of the market, but also ushered in a bottle package of rapid change.
 First, in the past leading glass bottle packaging pattern will be broken, not only ceramics, new materials, plastic, paper and aluminum and other materials will enrich the exhibition fist in this market. 80, 90 after the acceptance of the new bottle packaging materials will be far more than his predecessors, which also determines the opportunities for these new materials bottles exist in the future market development. Of course to the current glass bottle packaging market lead to better competitive atmosphere. Secondly, small-capacity bottle will be more popular, with the one-child generation has grown to become the main social groups, the general decline in family size, more suitable for small-capacity bottle these families requirements. But out of consideration for health reasons, people tend to choose the right amount of alcohol. Therefore, in the future, small-capacity bottle will be more popular.
Bottle packaging in the next period of time will accelerate the pace of change to update this, we are full of expectations.
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