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Weight Loss contradictory glass bottles

release time:2016/3/25 9:02:52

For the packaging market, the current weight loss has become a trend. Weight loss can reduce packaging logistics process carbon emissions. Weight loss can reduce packaging costs, save resources, more environmentally friendly and more conducive to the healthy and sustainable development continued to market. However, the development of high-end market is also very fast, whether it is food, beverages or cosmetics, etc., with the improvement of people's living standards, the market gradually differentiated, high-end market began to be valued by manufacturers. Pay more attention to high-end market packaging packing texture, packed with weight loss is inconsistent. This is a contradiction, and contradiction is the main representative of bottles currently on the market for weight loss voice bottles high, compared to other packaging, glass bottles of weight loss is indeed very necessary. Thick glass bottle is an indisputable fact. Heavy competition in the market for glass bottles is a big drawback.
Now, however, many high-end product packaging tend to use glass bottles is due to the presentation of solid sense and unique temperament.
In this regard, we hope that glass manufacturers can address the needs of the market for the appropriate policy.
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